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Posted by Admin on May, 16 2020

Lockdown getting relaxed in phases or stages or in some or the other strategy.. but normal way of life is still far off and people are still hesitant to report to offices and go out risking their lives!!

Relaxations are going to allow limited manpower and obviously leading to limited sales and production. Although companies have put in place contact less delivery measures but even before delivery comes the selling and before selling comes the marketing!

With limited manpower and so many strict, complex but vital protocols in place it is a difficult phase to focus on marketing & operations at the same time. Businesses now need to rely on means to market their product faster with minimal travel and physical contact to safeguard their staff and to generate more efficiency staying indoors and that's where contact less marketing i.e. the digital marketing plays a vital role.

So far people had been delivered essentials which was packed and ready but now with demand the stocks are getting over and it is need of the production chain to initiate the essentials for essentials now. Well what are the essentials for essentials? It is everything except the essentials actually...they need manpower, raw materials, transportation, fuel, etc.. and of course at the end of the day they need buyers to complete the chain!!

Paper industry, which is one such essentials for essential, now can't escape contactless marketing means for marketing their products, their offers instantly worldwide without going out of their premises. There is already and would be an exponential growth in contactless digital marketing measures across all industries!!

"proffero" is one such tool for Paper industry. Its an easy to use platform to promote your paper products without any physical contact digitally!!

Now obvious question is how different is it from marketing products on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram!!?

Well its very different because over here you can retain your customers focused only on what they came in looking for without any distractions and also later track the quotes with means to connect right from the app without jumping out of it.

To know more visit proffero home page or download the app from links given below in the footer.

Stay home stay healthy stay blessed!!